Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

Attracting and retaining the right people to help your organisation thrive and grow is a priority for every business. Being the kind of employer who cares about their employee’s wellbeing may help achieve this.

Attracting Employees
Healthcare Cash plans

Corporate Healthcare Cash Plans

Corporate healthcare cash plans are affordable, can support pre-existing conditions and help your employees to claim back the costs of everyday healthcare bills.

By implementing a Corporate Healthcare Cash Plan for your business your employees may claim cash back, up to set limits, on an array of tangible everyday health costs. Typical Corporate Healthcare Cash plan benefits include; optical, dental, health screening and therapy treatments such as physiotherapy.

Employee Assistance Programmes

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a telephone based support system which offers proactive, preventative support for your employees. EAP’s are designed to help your organisation assist your employees deal with issues that could be affecting their home or work life, health and general wellbeing.

EAPs provide access to telephone support from professional counsellors on a variety of issues, from financial fears to personal worries and concerns. The majority of services offer 24/7/365 support for your employees and may also provide an element of face-to-face counselling, alongside referrals to other support services if required.

Employee Assistance
Corporate Private GP Policies

Corporate Private GP Policies

A Corporate Private GP policy may help to improve the health of your employees and reduce the impact of absenteeism to your business.

Your employees could get quick access to doctors or nurses when they need it most. Employees are often able to book appointments either virtually or face to face with a GP within 24 hours which may be quicker than obtaining an appointment with an NHS GP. Firms may find there are advantages to implementing a Corporate Private GP policy, such as helping with employee welfare and that these type of policies are relatively inexpensive to purchase

Health Screening

Health screening offers a simple and cost-effective way to invest in the health and wellbeing of your employees. Offering this benefit to your employees is a positive step to building a healthy company.

Implementing health screening as a company benefit may empower your staff, by giving them the information they need to make informed lifestyle decisions, with the aim to help them be healthier, fitter, more motivated and engaged.

Health screening can be delivered in a number of ways including using mobile screening systems which can be brought into the office, reducing the need to take time off work to get to a clinic.

Health Screening
Group Dental

Corporate Dental Policies

Maintaining good oral health is vital in maintaining your overall health and ensuring you visit the dentist regularly remains important.

Offering your employees a dental plan can be a very popular healthcare benefit. A corporate dental plan allows your employees to claim back on the costs of their dental work. Most policies cover both routine and unexpected work. Including a dental policy in your employee benefits package may increase the productivity and performance of your workforce, and also help to reduce absence related costs too.

Occupational Health Services

Your staff are a key business asset and essential to productivity and profitability. A good Occupational Health Service aims to keep people well at work – physically and mentally.

Occupational Health Services can develop a range of services designed specifically to meet the needs of your business. Areas of focus are usually:

Assessing potential health risks in the workplace
Lifestyle and wellbeing services which may increase productivity and staff retention
Occupational Health
Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate Travel Insurance

If something goes wrong during a business trip abroad it can become a significant drain on the business, so make sure you protect both your people and your company with the right travel insurance solution.

If someone fell ill abroad and had to be transferred back to the UK, the costs can mount up quickly. Corporate Travel Insurance can help make sure your employees are covered for emergency repatriation, should the unexpected happen.

Business machines such as laptops and phones can also be covered to help keep your business running if something were to go wrong and equipment got lost in transit during travel.

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